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Adrian and Amanda’s musicality classes

October 28, 2010

Most musicality classes I go to are about clapping and stepping to the beat, then maybe stepping in double time and also stepping in half time. Even classes that were labelled as dancing to Di Sarli or D’Arienzo are like this. After those classes, I have no greater understanding of Di Sarli or D’Arienzo, afterall, there are moments where stepping in half or double time makes sense in most songs of both orchestras.

Adrian and Amanda’s musicality classes are different. They first introduce the double bass which plays the most obvious beat to dance to. But then the other instruments in a tango orchestra aren’t there to look pretty, they can be there to dance to as well. There are other instruments such as the violin, piano, bandoneón and the singer all contribute to the music. There are layers to tango music. They all contribute to a different feeling inside you and you can choose how you wish to express the music when you dance.

Adrian and Amanda’s musicality classes are the best I’ve been to. There is no dancing, just sitting down and discussing the various possibilities about tango music. What to listen for various ways that music can be interpreted. If you’ve not been before watch out for them again next year on Brigitte’s website. Its a shame noone in London teaches just the music.


Color Tango

July 15, 2009

I enjoyed Color Tango over the two nights they were at Negracha. I’m not a fan of live music, they never seem to get it right for dancing but this group is just a step above the rest. Their music was danceable.

As expected, it was impossible to enjoy dancing on Friday, so I enjoyed Thursday night much more. The music seminar on Thursday was very good, well worth the £10 (seminar only) or £25 if you paid for the whole night. If you missed out, then you can order it from various websites such as dancetimes or tangodance101 but its more expensive (I haven’t found a UK based site yet so if you find it please send it to me).

The seminar goes over music from different eras and highlights certain artists. The DVD is similar format to the one presented on Thursday night, various band members would speak and then there would be an English translation.

Dancing on Friday was impossible not because it was packed but because of a couple of couples exhibiting poor floorcraft and crashing into people and knocking them out of the way. Dancing on a packed floor is not impossible, its just more difficult, but when you have a couple of insane dancers (maybe 3% to 5% of the total number of dancers), that makes it impossible. I remember sections of the dancer where there were no insane dancers and the dancing was brilliant. But eventually as I flowed in the line of dance I encountered those couples and had to dance very defensively as it just got stressful.