Carlos & Rosa Perez

Carlos and Rosa Perez are back in London. Last year Carlos had some difficulty getting up the stairs in Negracha but no difficulty in giving this performance.


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3 Responses to “Carlos & Rosa Perez”

  1. jantango Says:

    Do you feel they dance the music? I don’t. It seems you could play any recording and they would still run around trying to get in as many figures as possible to impress the audience. Carlos is credited as having trained the champions of the world for the past several years.

    Every city has its share of visiting teachers from Argentina who show up for a few days to teach complicated figures and then leave them to fend for themselves. It’s not furthering good social dancing anywhere.

    Try to imagine Carlos and Rosa dancing on a crowded floor. He was walking backwards in the exhibition. I suppose this is the stuff that sells in Europe. I don’t want to work that hard with any partner. I want to connect to the music and feel it.

    • yabotil Says:

      I have to admit, I don’t know why they are the trainers of champions – surely people don’t come to them for moves? I get bored watching the championships. Last time Carlos was in Negracha, the class had some walking, some embrace and somes figures. I would’ve preferred a class of just embrace and walking but you’re right, its the figures that sell in London. Does Carlos dance differently in the milongas in BA?

  2. jantango Says:

    I know that Carlos Perez has a class and practica in Club Sunderland where young dancers go to practice under his watchful eye. He is a member of the Association of teachers, dancers and choreographers who are the judges of the championships. There is no impartial judging for that reason.

    Carlos didn’t dance tango for 30 years and returned in 1995 to teach. I have never seen him dancing in the downtown milongas. I assume he dances only with his wife in Sunderland and when they do exhibitions. The small crowded dance floors in the city are quite different from the spacious ones in the clubes de barrio like Sunderland.

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