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London Milonga – The Dome

April 25, 2010

I’ve taken a little break from dancing in London Milongas and decided to resume tango at The Dome.

The Dome is one of my preferred milongas – the crowd is younger, theres usually a number of good dancers and music is never terrible. Basically, its a not a hit or miss venue and at worse, it will be an average night. Most my nights there are good to excellent.

Providing the Northern Line is working, the venue is not too hard to get to.

Entrance fee is on the website and rarely changes so theres never any surprises or significant fee increases due to some visiting teachers or live bands.

There is usually a pre-milonga class and the resident teachers are Rene and Hiba. Occasionally there are guest teachers. As with most pre-milonga classes, the standard is open and you can get a variety of skill. Very few couples stick together but I can understand why they choose so. The number of men and women are usually differ by no more than four (in my experience – extra men!)

The music is mostly traditional golden age but there could be the occasional nuevo track (not every week as far as I know). I’ve not heard salsa or other dance music at The Dome before.

Class finishes a little after 9pm and the dancefloor is very nice to dance until about 10:30 when it gets really busy. By about 11:30pm, it gets a bit quieter again and if you still have energy, is a nice time to dance.

Floorcraft varies but in my experience, it is quite difficult to navigate during the busiest hour 10:30 to 11:30pm. You do get all sorts of dancers at The Dome, some dance larger than others while some think they’re on stage. But the majority are social dancers and prefer to limit their bumps throughout the night.

Currently, I’m not aware of any significant competition to The Dome on a Wednesday night. Perhaps thats why the floor can get so busy.

I’m not a regular at The Dome as its on a Wednesday night but I certainly do recommend anyone visiting London to give this Milonga a try.


Homer and Christina talk about floorcraft …

April 25, 2010

Whenever I think of Nuevo Tango, I always think of couples dancing large, kicks, lots of cool moves but not very social and very bad floorcraft.

I’ve always considered Homer and Christina nuevo teachers and only ever seen them on youtube.

They were in London recently teaching musicality and like most teachers, they explain a concept and then get the student to dance a song with that concept in mind.

After dancing just one song in their musicality class, they paused for a bit and mentioned two things about floorcraft:

  1. Always try to reach the corners of the floor and not cut corners (or the corners of your lane)
  2. When entering the dancefloor, try to get eye contact with the couple you’re going to dance in front of, let them acknowledge that you are there and they’ll give you space.

Obviously theres a lot more to floorcraft but it was a lesson on musicality and after just one dance, they had to stop for a bit to make these comments.

I guess I’m wrong about Nuevo teachers not caring about floorcraft. Now I hope some students got the message and try a little harder to maintain good floorcraft.