Achieving fluidity

This is one of the things I’d like to achieve in my dance.

The other day, Andreas Wichter talked about walking around holding a bowl of water and being very careful not to spill any of it. Try not to cut the movements and use counter-movements when changing directions.

Bruno and Mariangeles used a similar idea in their fluidity workshops the other day. The leaders and followers shared a ball or rolled up jacket between them and walked around trying not to cut the motion and letting the movement come to a natural stop or counter-movements when changing directions.

Both ideas remind me of a Japanese anime called Initial D where the protagonist is a tofu delivery boy for his father’s business and often races around the mountains. There is a small cup of water on his dashboard, which he must be careful not to spill as that would mean he was driving too hard and the tofu would have been damaged.

I like to dance fluidly, soft and gentle and taking care of my partner as if she was that tofu which must not be damaged, ensuring that I can deliver her to the end of the tanda in one piece.


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One Response to “Achieving fluidity”

  1. Arlene Says:

    LOL! To be compared to Tofu! Nice sentiment though!

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