Don’t try this in a milonga, folks …

Before a stuntman does his stuff, there is always a disclaimer “Don’t try this at home, folks”. Nobody really treats this phase seriously because everyone knows the stuntman is a professional, has everything setup and the stunts themselves are indeed quite scary, its obvious that you should not try it. (Well, not all stuntmen are professionals, some are just plain stupid but thats a different story).

Often there are performances in London Milongas such as Negracha. I don’t go to there every week … when I’m not there I’m missing Tango but when I’m there I know why I don’t go that often.

Some Londoners need a bit of inspiration when dancing and unfortunately they draw their inspiration from visiting teachers and performances. Theres always a little performer in them that can’t be contained and after a performance, the dance floor is where they feel they should try some new moves they just witnessed.

Obviously not all dancers feel the need to perform, it might just take three or four bad couples on the dance floor to screw up the flow and the rest can’t dance properly.

Its a shame, what London needs are some organisers who care about floorcraft and are willing to ask badly behaving couples to tone it down a bit …


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2 Responses to “Don’t try this in a milonga, folks …”

  1. Arlene Says:

    Good idea, but it probably will never happen.
    Unless the better dancers start boycotting milongas, things will stay the same or get worse. Better yet, if the beginners also boycott, for their own safety, but then, they are probably doing those bad moves also.
    I might go to Negracha on occasion just to get out of the house and listen to the music. I very rarely dance when I’m there as it is too dangerous, so I don’t really feel as if I am missing anything. My mind gets boggled watching the antics on the floor.
    I hope Ivan doesn’t start charging extra to see this!

  2. yabotil Says:

    Very true, organisers probably need all the cash they can get to cover their costs so they’ll never turn people alway.

    How about the inverse? Someone go start a milonga that attracts all the “bad” dancers? There should be a premilonga class where guest teachers must qualify before they can teach by performing on stage somewhere.

    Dancers are rewarded with free drinks if they execute enough flashy moves per night. All levels welcome.


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