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Stop bashing the London teachers

March 31, 2009

There seems to be a lot of bashing of teachers in London. If you dance in London, you can see that its not brilliant and you could direct fault at the teachers. But I don’t think people should. I go to several teachers and they are all lovely people, both on and off the floor.

They all have good posture, musicality, leading, floorcraft, knowledge of tangos and milongas and so on. Unfortunately their students may not.

But then whose fault is that?

If someone drives over the speed limit and crashes, who do we blame? Do we blame the instructor? No.

Our teachers, like driving instructors, over a period of time pass on everything they know to their students. The students, being adults take what they’ve learnt and apply what they’ve learnt in the real world without the instructor.

I’ve been asked to return to the line of dance in class when I’ve strayed a little. Whenever a sequence is taught, we’re always told to start and end with the line of dance, listen to the music and look after my woman.

When a kick/gancho is taught, we’re always taught to look out for the space around us.

We’ve all had another couple crashing into us. We’ve all been kicked. (I’ve even been kicked up the bum on a crowded floor!)

I’m sure the perpetrators know exactly that they’ve been doing.

When we drive we know what the road rules are. We may get fined when we break them. How come some don’t on the dance floor? What can we do to get people to remember what their teachers say in class and not just the sequence that was taught? If we come across a crap driving instructor, we find a new one. If you tango teacher is crap, then why are you sticking with him/her/them? There are plenty of good ones in London. The questions then might become how do we know a teacher is crap and why are you still with them?


Yet another blog on Tango in London

March 31, 2009

Have we got enough Blogs about Tango in London? Probably, here’s yet another one …

Will I bring anything new? I hope so, otherwise there’s no point starting another blog.

Will I bring anything different? Probably not since the few that around are very good already.

Am I as experienced as any of the other dancers? No, I’ve done less than 2 years (as of 2009) so if you ever ask me about something and it conflicts with the other bloggers, their advice is probably the way to go.

Here are some other active blogs on the London Tango scene (please let me know if I’ve left you out or feel free to add it to the comments):